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328 Katong Laksa - Singapore

This laksa paired with the otah is a match made in heaven.

Every since Eliz took me to the 328 Katong Laksa when I met her for the first time, this has been our favourite Laksa store.

Laksa is a thick noodle in a creamy coconut curry gravy. At 328 Laksa, you can add your own chili, available on the side, to customize your own level of spiciness.

According to Eliz, the prawns are fresh n decently sized and the cockles are also very fresh. She found the fish cake springy and fresh too and the otah is well spiced and with actual bits of fishes not just minced up fish.

“Peeled prawns! That is nice for the manicured ladies,” added Eliz.

Eliz has worked in the five star hotel line for eight years and knows a fair bit when it comes to good food.

The Laksa noodle is cut into tiny bits and eaten with a spoon at this store. Eating with chopsticks here seems a little taboo, although we did catch some chopstick users on our last visit.

At $4, $5 and $6 for the small, medium and large, it is reasonably priced. The $1.10 Otah is a little on the expensive side, but you get a decent size and a great tasting stick of otah for that price.

If you are on a food adventure in Singapore, I recommend you try out this place.

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