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Ate raw chicken this morning

Raw chicken in my KFC Roasta breakfast platter this morning.

While I love sushi and sashimi and in have my steaks medium, there are a few things in this world that is not advisable to consume raw. 

Chicken is one of them. Today I ate raw chicken at KFC.

I guess it happens and they were nice to replace the piece of meat.

Generally this is not a big deal but I would think that the quality control in a global fast food chain would be high.

Usually fast food restaurants are the place I turn to when I can’t find anything that looks safe and that I like to eat around town. Singapore is pretty safe so I assume their raw chicken would be safe too, if not advisable.

I am not sure however if such raw meat, even from a reputable global food company, would be safe in a country with a lot more relaxed quality control checks.

Does anyone know?

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