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Catonese - Malaysia

One of the most affectionate cats I have met. I took this picture as it stood under me and occasionally kept rubbing against me.

Sometimes travelling alone takes its toll. Having a cute feline like this can be a welcome companion.

So I have learned to speak Catonese.

While I was always more of a dog person before, and dogs seemed to like me in reciprocation, I seem to be attracting cats now.

One reason could be that I seem to be better at Catonese than Dogglish.

Maybe this cat heard me meow the song Memories by Cats to an audience of seven fellow felines about three months ago.

Of course I am kidding and I much prefer human companions. At least I know what I’m saying to them and what they say to me. Though having a pet travel around with me had crossed my mind on more than one occasion.

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