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Chicken Steak at Terminal 21 in Bangkok

This Chicken Steak was only 40 baht.

I often forget how inexpensive food is in Thailand.

I was hungry, and feeling a little down so I wanted to eat something more than just street food.

I made my way to Terminal 21 in Bangkok and loaded my card with 200 baht.

Soon I discovered that my Brazil Chicken Steak was only 40 baht.

Really. I moved from the backpacker ghetto of Khao San Road only to find you can get so much better for maybe 5 baht more.

I think I’m totally going to live outside of Khao San Road from now on.

Mango sticky rice for a further 35 baht completes the meal.

I then remembered the mango sticky rice dessert that a friend are a few days ago. I couldn’t resist so I got some for myself. It was pretty good with a nice sweet mango.

And after that, smelled some ladies beef dish and got hungry again. This time, I kinda was thirsty so I went for the beef soup instead of a drink.

Total damage for the Brazil Chicken Steak, mango sticky rice and beef noodle soup: 120 baht. Or about $4 CAD

Needed a beef noodle soup after the mango sticky rice. Now I am done for sure.


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