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Christmas in Singapore

Takashimaya had a huge indoor tree.

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The last time I was in Singapore for Christmas, I was a young child.

From what I recall, Orchard Road was the place to be to experience the magic of Christmas. Buildings with magnificent lighting took the place of a natural winter wonderland, filling the hearts of Singaporeans with the spirit of Christmas.

After spending most of my life in Canada, Christmas does not feel real without a layer of fluffy white snow covering the surface. Especially with the tropical heat, Singapore felt more like a summer vacation than the Christmas season.

It wasn’t until I entered the malls that it dawned upon me that it was close to Christmas.

I then recalled where I could find a great expression of Christmas spirit in Singapore and headed to Orchard Road with my friend Mae. It didn’t disappoint.

Buskers filled Orchard Road on both sides. From faith-based Christmas carollers to a cool drumming performance, you couldn’t help but feel energized by the atmosphere.

Pedestrians crowded the streets, congregating around the performers and hopping between the malls, checking items off their last-minute gift list.

While buildings were not lit up like I recalled (or imagined), there were lights strung across a vast expanse of street. Furthermore, nicely lit Christmas trees stood watch over shoppers entering the various malls on the world’s top shopping street.

Despite the lack of snow, I left feeling with a renewed sense of the days of Yule.

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