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Crepe Cake - Melaka

Nadeje's Banana Chocolate crepe cake.

Nadeje cake shop in Melaka was rumoured to make the best Mille Crepe Cakes.

As we happened to find ourselves in Melaka, we made it a quest to try this “thousand layer” cake.

The Makhota plaza is where we found the cake shop. It was packed inside and out, so that raised our expectations – good food establishments tend to attract a crowd.

At RM 9 per slice, the cake wasn’t cheap by local standards.

We ended up sharing one slice of Banana Chocolate Mille Crepe Cake.

The thin layers of chocolate melting in our mouths confirmed the rumours about this dessert. Each of the many layers of crêpe that made up the cake delivered a shot of ecstacy to our taste buds.

It was a good fusion of the traditional cake with the traditional crêpe.

I definitely recommend Nadeje.

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