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Delicious Beefball Noodles in KL Chinatown

There are two beef ball noodle places I frequent in Kuala Lumpur’s Chinatown: Soong Kee and Shin Kee noodles.

Shin Kee

Soup based beef ball noodle soup from Shin Kee.

Soup based beef ball noodle soup from Shin Kee.

At Shin Kee, I usually have the soup noodles. You have a choice of three types of noodle, as well as sliced beef or beef balls to go along with the noodle.

To top it off, minced beef comes with the noodles to give the soup a stronger beef flavour.

Cost: 7 RM

Soong Kee


Beef ball noodles from Soong Kee.

At Soong Kee, I usually get a dry noodle base, topped with minced beef and a few pieces of green leafy vegetables. The beef balls or sliced beef is placed in a lightly flavoured soup.

Soong Kee closes at 10pm or 11pm while Shin Kee closes earlier at about 8pm.

Soong Kee is also a much bigger establishment with lots of seats and a much bigger menu. They have congee and chicken on the outside which they also serve to customers inside the restaurant.


  • 7 RM (Big bowl)
  • 6 RM small
  • 5 RM for the delicious chicken breast

If you get a chance, try Soong Kee and Shin Kee beef noodles.

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