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Free WiFi in Singapore - Wireless@SGx

Connected to Wireless@SGx

For those who live with a need to be connected to the cloud, Singapore is such a traveller’s haven.

At almost every public building, mall and McDonalds in the country, you will notice the open wireless network called Wireless@SG.

Simply follow the link to register and you will be connected to the cloud.

However, sometimes you want to be connected automatically. This does not happen with Wireless@SG. You will need to access your browser after you obtain an IP address from the network to log in.

For automatic log in to Wireless@SG, you need to connect to its sister network Wireless@SGx.

802.1x Authentication screen on a Samsung Galaxy S II Stock ICS phone

You will notice that it is WPA encrypted. Fear not. The log in credentials are simply your Wireless@SG user name and password, with a few extra tweaks.

The Wireless@SGx system uses a 802.1x authentication system.

Specifically, you want to select a PEAP authentication method.

For the secondary method, select MSCHAPv2.

Enter your username and password


Note, as I signed up for the system on SingTel, I have to use the @singtel bit after my user id. Please take careful note that this is NOT the carrier/provider that your phone is using for calls/3G etc.

You can actually sign up for Wireless@SG using any sign up provider, regardless of what phone service you are on. I was using M1 and I signed up on the Singtel Website

You are set. Every time you walk with range of a Wireless@SGx network, you will automatically attempt to connect.

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Happy surfing!

Know of place in Singapore with free WiFI (Wireless@SGx or otherwise) and a power plug? Please share with our readers!

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  • TK Loo

    Thank you! Great help 🙂

    • Dan

      You’re welcome! 🙂 Thanks for dropping by!

    • You’re welcome @e7b2ef27827f1ff02f724b5d10b343a4:disqus . Thanks for dropping by!

  • Ss

    Thank you! Useful for me too.

    • You’re welcome @1d0b2df280db02e3fba659b87551a3f4:disqus !

  • Yichen Lu

    Hi @chi11ax:disqus ,
    I was able to connect to Wireless@SGx days before in my office. But recently when I connect to it, it prompt an error message said cannot connect and let me contact to the network admin… I don’t know who the hell is the network admin… I did’t change any configuration, do you have any idea what is wrong?

    • hi @yichenlu:disqus I am not sure why you cannot connect. Would it work if you tried to “forget” the network then try to reconnect again? What device / OS are you using?

      • Yichen Lu

        Im using Windows 7 and have tried to remove the network in “Manage wireless networks” from control panel. it didnt work…Is there any data cap for each device connected to Wireless@SGx? I downloaded some software days before using my laptop. Then my laptop couldn’t connect any more. but my phone and tablet still can connect…

        • @yichenlu:disqus I don’t think there is a cap. I have downloaded full games off Steam before and they are a few gigs. It’s just slow. When you say “it didn’t work” were you not able to remove the network? Try to edit properties and see if you can set the authentication method to CHAP v2 and PEAP.