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Free WiFi in Singapore - Wireless@SGx

Connected to Wireless@SGx

For those who live with a need to be connected to the cloud, Singapore is such a traveller’s haven.

At almost every public building, mall and McDonalds in the country, you will notice the open wireless network called Wireless@SG.

Simply follow the link to register and you will be connected to the cloud.

However, sometimes you want to be connected automatically. This does not happen with Wireless@SG. You will need to access your browser after you obtain an IP address from the network to log in.

For automatic log in to Wireless@SG, you need to connect to its sister network Wireless@SGx.

802.1x Authentication screen on a Samsung Galaxy S II Stock ICS phone

You will notice that it is WPA encrypted. Fear not. The log in credentials are simply your Wireless@SG user name and password, with a few extra tweaks.

The Wireless@SGx system uses a 802.1x authentication system.

Specifically, you want to select a PEAP authentication method.

For the secondary method, select MSCHAPv2.

Enter your username and password


Note, as I signed up for the system on SingTel, I have to use the @singtel bit after my user id. Please take careful note that this is NOT the carrier/provider that your phone is using for calls/3G etc.

You can actually sign up for Wireless@SG using any sign up provider, regardless of what phone service you are on. I was using M1 and I signed up on the Singtel Website

You are set. Every time you walk with range of a Wireless@SGx network, you will automatically attempt to connect.

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Happy surfing!

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