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Happy 48th Birthday Singapore!

The Singapore military aerobatics team bursts into action above the skyscrapers at Marina Bay during the National Day celebrations in 2013. The helicopters' fly-by happened just before the jets burst from the buildings and were added in post production.

Happy 48th birthday Singapore!

This past year, there was a possibility that I would relocate myself to another Asian country or head back to Canada. But I stayed. And you made me feel at home like a prodigal son that has returned.

At the moment, I can hardly say I am “travelling Asia” anymore. When asked, the more correct response should be that I have “relocated to Asia” with Singapore as my defacto home. It is here I can be Canadian when the situation warrants it, and seem local by speaking in Singlish and Mandarin when it is required.

Whether it is the food, the people I have met on this journey, or the sheer awesomeness of your public transit, I salute you. Thanks for being an awesome place!

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