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HomeTeamNS Archery Range - Singapore

My pretty decent grouping of shots from about 12 (-3) = 9m out at the archery range.

I spent a couple of hours today at the HomeTeamNS Archery Range.

It was quite a treat as it was more or less my first time shooting with these high powered bows. Previously, I had made my own bow and arrow as a kid to play with and that was nothing compared to these.

I think I did pretty well with fairly consistent groupings at the 12m mark and on and off consistency at the 18m mark. In my defense, my bow had a pretty crappy draw weight so I had to lob arrows and aim about two feet higher for the 18m mark. It was still pretty good as I managed to drop 2 to 3 pretty much on or beside a piece of masking tape which was my target.

For the 12m target, it took a while, but I finally found my groove and got it pretty consistently within the yellow circle. I tried to switch for a bit, shooting with my left hand instead of my right and actually got it pretty much dead on target. I might be a left handed archer, though I did fairly well with my right. It’s interesting to note that when I switched to shoot with my left, it was with someone’s high tech and stronger draw weight bow, so the arrow flew in a much flatter trajectory.

I’m actually quite amused and proud of how I did on my first attempt at archery.

If you’re looking for something to do in Singapore, do drop by the range. For $12 an hour, you get unlimited shots and if there is no one queuing up behind you to shoot, they let you just continue shooting!

The staff coach was awesome with his tips and it was fun environment!

** note the 18m and 12m mark was where the board was situated, but the actual distance is 3m less, so 15m and 9m respectively.

- Another consistent grouping at the 12-3=9m mark.

- Trying to hit a piece of masking tape at 18m mark with a wimpy low draw weight bow. I did almost as well as the guys with the high tech bows!

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