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How To Do Your Laundry While Travelling

My tuppeware box, SGD 2 at Daiso in Asia and liquid soap.

I’d like to share with you my latest method of doing laundry while traveling. All it takes is a tupperware box.

You’d put your clothes in the box – mine is about 4L in capacity. It fits a T-Shirt and some underwear.

Fill it about 1/2 way with water.

Add some body soap and shake it around vigorously when you shower.

Rinse it two or three times all with a half filled box.

And your clothes come out clean!

Shaking soapy water mimicks the toss of the clothes around in a washing machine. It allows water and soap to get between the fibers of your clothes and “scrub” it for you.

For larger items, like your pair of jeans, do take the opportunity to visit a laundromat once every two weeks or so. You never know who you might meet while waiting for your laundry and talking about your latest travel adventures!

And why would you want to carry a bulky box? The answer is simple – it’s not a useless item in your inventory.

When not in used as a laundry machine, you can protect breakable items or those cookies that you don’t want crushed in your bag while in transit!

Hope this helps your personal hygiene while on the move!

Do you have another method of doing laundry? Please share it with fellow readers in the comments below!

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