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Insulting Sign: NTUC Income - Singapore

Does anyone else find this sign, placed at AMK Hub, as insulting as I understand it to be?

This is how I read this sign: it highlights the fact that it is open until 6:30pm like it is some great deal.

Then it goes on to say “so you can visit us on your off days”. If you have an off day, even if they close at normal office hours, you could still visit. What’s so great about a 6:30pm close time?

It further goes on to say “It’s not genius. It’s common sense.”

Like maybe some people wondered why it closed so early, so they needed to erect a huge sign basically saying what I understand to be

“We are open until 6:30pm. So please use your common sense and just visit us on your off day. You don’t have to be a genius to figure that out.”

Does anyone else find this sign insulting? How else would you interpret it?

edit: Apparently Mr. Brown, a famous Singaporean blogger, wrote about something similar in March. His photo at Bras Basah shows that NTUC Income claims 6:30pm allows you to visit after work. The AMK Branch however, says open until 6:30pm so you can visit on your “day off”.

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