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Is The Bangkok Grand Palace Ticket Worth Its Price?

A little while ago, I visited the Grand Palace in Bangkok Thailand. While it is a magnificent piece of architecture, it seemed a little underwhelming because I had visited most of the temples in the Rattanakosin area during the Songkran festival.

The architecture of the many surrounding temples are very similar to the Grand Palace. I thought it wasn’t worth my 500 THB entrance fee.

However today I discovered something that might make the fee more worth its price. Within a week of purchase, the Grand Palace ticket allows you access to the nearby Dusit Palace and throne room.

Dusit Palace, or the Garden Palace was created by King Chulalongkorn as a healthier getaway from the cramped confines of the Grand Palace. Located north east and 40 minutes away on foot from the Grand Palace, it incorporates European styling to accompany large spacious courtyards – a feature that King Chulalongkorn borrowed from European monarchs. It eventually became the regular residence and that of his descendants.

Your ticket also grants you access to the Vimanmek Palace. It is a large teakwood mansion now converted into a museum honouring King Chulalongkorn. It is located on the Dusit Palace grounds.

So don’t throw away your ticket! There’s much more to see than the Grand Palace!

Was your ticket worth the price? What attractions would you pay for and what would you skip while travelling?

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