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KLCC Ben's

The pesto spaghetti with chicken.

Jo C, Yee Leng and I visited the restaurant called Ben’s in KLCC today.

I found the cue cards with table conversation starters to be a nice touch to an already trendy restaurant. I thought they could be useful to a shy couple on a first date.

Cue cards with conversation starters.

If those don’t jump start a conversation, maybe their menu could.

Jo and I ordered the beef lasagna. A few minutes later, the waiter came to inform us that they had run out of lasagna. We then ordered dessert and we’re informed that they had run out of macadamia nuts for the macadamia cheese cake

In all fairness, the pesto spaghetti which we did receive was delicious. The creamy sauce was thick with cheese. The chicken added on did feel a little overcooked and hard though.

I would definitely consider going again! Hopefully they will have their kitchen fully stocked next time.

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