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Massages in Thailand


I must admit that when I started getting massages in Thailand, I was always hoping to get massaged by the cutest girls in the parlour.

Recently, I paid my 200 Baht for the hour-long full Thai massage. As I sat to wait, the reception called out a name and out of the door appeared a pretty attractive girl.

Alas, she wasn’t my assigned masseurs. The person who came up to me was pretty short but stocky man.

I took it in stride. After all, I was here for the legit massage, not the happy ending variety.

It resulted in one of the best Thai massages I had. I think it was the first Thai massage that left my body completely relaxed. I felt so good after leaving.

As I write this, I’m getting one of the best foot massages by a rather large but powerful lady.

A full hour of Thai massage will see about a half hour of leg action, minimal foot, then work their way up to to your back, shoulder and neck. You’ll get a good leg stretch too.

For the foot massage, most of the work is of course on the foot and leg. The results vary but the stronger masseurs can really hit the pressure points on the foot.

Note to Jo and Vince who might be reading this: I can take foot massages. I think the guy in Jakarta who left my feet bruised for three days had super strong hands and was sadistic!

So here is the breakdown on getting a massage in Thailand:

The cost is usually 100 Baht for a half hour and 200 for a full hour, at least around Khaosan Road.

From my experience, the full hour is much more worth it. With the half, just as you are sinking into the relaxing mood, you get the tap and the “thank you, finish”.

I also felt I got the more hardcore massages when I went on my own. Maybe they feel that when you go with friends, it is just a social thing but coming on your own implied you really wanted a massage.

And so I leave you to head back to enjoying my awesome foot massage with 15 minutes left. 🙂

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