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Nara Deer Park - Japan

Feeding deer in Nara, Japan. The deer park and temples in the area have over 1,000 wild deer that roam freely around the park. Although rather friendly, they did snatch - and consume - my map from the pocket of my bag.

If you like Bambi, Nara Deer Park is the place to be. With over 1,000 wild dear roaming freely around, you will find yourself amongst a sea of these docile, lovely animals.

Though passive, they did steal – and consume – a map out of my bag pocket. I seem to get robbed by wild animals.

The warning signs around the park also advice that the deer pick on little kids and old ladies.

A deer even tried to – gently – head butt me. According to the sign, the deer was attempting the “knock down” maneuver on me. I countered with a camera click in his face.

Unfortunately, they don’t like being hugged as evident by my unsuccessful attempt to get a “hug-a-deer” picture.

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