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National Delight Dessert - Singapore

The National Delight dessert from the Hougang 1 Kopitiam.

After seeing the National Delight on the postern the local Kopitiam for the past couple of days, I succumbed to temptation and purchased one for dessert this evening.

For SGD 2.50, what you really get is a cherry, a slice of peach and four pieces of longan. I wasn’t quite impressed by the quantity of what I was receiving but I figured that the bulk of the SGD 2.50 went into the cost of workmanship.

When I told the server I wanted the “National Delight”, she looked at me a little bewildered and asked “you really want me to make this for you?”

“Yes please,” was my enthusiastic reply and I soon found out why she was a little less than enthusiastic about my order.

I assumed each serving was pre made and sat in the refrigerator awaiting it’s customer. However as she pulled out her can of whipped cream and started to put shaved ice into the bowl,

I realized each serving was a work of art, intricately assembled by the server.

A base of shaved ice is treated with a splash of coconut milk. A layer of jam, with what tasted like tapioca pearls then form a border around the peach, candied stars and a cherry in the middle. Below that, four pieces of longan sit atop whipped cream with sprinkles.

Hope you enjoy a delightful sprinkle of patriotism this National Day!

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