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Origami at Toa Payoh Library 2013 - Singapore

A praying mantis appears as a work of origami art on display at the Toa Payoh library.

If origami is your hobby, you don’t want to miss the current exhibition at the Toa Payoh library. There were about 100 pieces of origami on display at the library, ranging from your simple, traditional origami, to intricate detailed designs.

The latter was also mostly composed from a single sheet of uncut paper.

Confucius, Santa and even Master Yoda made an appearance among life-like animals, insects, angels, knights, mythical monsters and more.

These well designed and folded pieces cover lots of detail from scales to beards and more.

One centipede on display was so life-like, I had to take a closer look just to convince myself it was paper and not a mounted insect.

While most works were executions of local artists based upon designs from other origami masters, I have respect for those who designed and folded their own art piece.

You won’t regret making the trip to the Toa Payoh library for this display!

Which was your favourite design from the display?

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