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Ethelene looking out at the sunset. Ethelene, Jo and I spent an evening admiring the gorgeous sunset on Kata Beach in Phuket.

Ever so often, we need some fun in the sun. For a backpacker like me on a tight backpacker budget, I can’t always go to the spa to exfoliate. Thus, I cook myself under the sun until the external layers of skin peel off, leaving a smooth soft interior.

Sunblock is a necessary ingredient though. You only peel when over cooking.

There wasn’t much we could do in Phuket as we were here for only two days.

We spent the first day on a boat cruise that took us through seven points on three islands. We only actually disembarked three times, the most fun of which was my trying snorkeling for the first time! On our last stop, we had a delicious Pina Colada for 200 baht.

That night, we headed to Patong beach where we walked through their Gogo bars and ended up at Rock City chilling out to music by cover bands.

On our way back, I tried to negotiate for something cheaper than 400 baht for our 10 minute ride down the street.

“Si loy,” requested the driver. He was asking for 400 baht.

“Sam loy,” I replied, offering 300 baht instead.

He said a whole bunch of things in Thai and pointed at the 400 baht listed price on a board. He might have tried to give me a deal, but I didn’t understand the rest of what he said. In the end, I caved and said ok to 400 baht. So much for bargaining.

We spent most of the next day on Kata beach just chilling and bobbing in the ocean. We were treated to a really nice sunset though!

My cousin fell ill and made the most use of our expensive resort. Not a bad place to recover from illness, especially with her doctor friend who came along with us … to escape the toils of working in a hospital.

In all, spent quite the lazy, uneventful time in Phuket. I will be back there again to backpack and spend more time loitering around!

What are some of the most interesting things you have done in Phuket?

Please share them with readers and me for our next trip there!

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