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Setting Up for a Beautiful Song

Sunqie hopped on the piano as we were trying to determine our lighting set up.

I shot this as we played with lighting ideas for a shoot with Jon and Elsie – my cousin and his friend.

It was one of the lighting setups we considered. The setup didn’t work out with the angles we decided upon and the artists’ favourite sides.

However Elsie’s brother took a turn at the piano and I captured this.

With only one work light and one desk lamp to work with, we had to strain our creativity to ensure the appropriate elements in the video had light and that the artists were able to showcase their “good side”.

In the end we decided on the simple setup you see below. The work light was still providing light from the outside but we didn’t shoot towards the window as it would have not been on the artist’s good side.

I love being creative with lighting.

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