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Singapore Audi Fashion Week 2012


I was wondering why there were so many fashionable people on orchard road in Singapore.

Turns out, I ended up dressed in my usual sleeveless top, shorts and sandals in the middle of Singapore’s Audi Fashion Week.

Should I parade my backpacker fashions?

Currently, I pack 3 sleeveless tops, two pairs of shorts, one collared shirt and one long sleeve shirt.

For footwear, one pair of black shoes that can masquerade as dress shoes, especially in the dark, and one pair of sandals.

It all fits very nicely in my tiny 45L backpack.

Being a guy, a complex fashion sense isn’t all that important.

I go for really dark or really light neutral colors so I don’t have to worry too much about colour matching. Although I do wish I had a better colour match for my Grey collared shirt.

What do you do as a backpacker to keep yourself fashionable with limited wardrobe and accessories?

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