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Singapore's Covered Walkways

A lady walks by in the rain. Singapore was experiencing lots of thunderstoms in the months of December and carried over into January 2013.

It’s monsoon season in Singapore and it rains, heavily, almost daily. Kind of puts a damper on travel plans. I walked all the way to the local town centre and by the time I was done having dinner and walking around the mall, I was greeted by a thunderstorm at the doorway.

At first thought, I wondered if I should make a dash in the rain for the bus to head home. Yet I didn’t feel quite ready to go home. Instead, I decided to see how far I could go walking around the town centre.

I actually got around a few blocks and could probably navigate my way through the entire area encircled by the main roads. I could even make it to the bus terminal without getting wet if I planned my route correctly.

That’s how well the neighborhoods are planned. Sometimes, they seem like patchwork rather than designed before the build, but it did’t matter. What matters is there was a need to bring people from the Heartland to the busses and MRT without getting them wet.

And they managed it.

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