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Soft boiled eggs - Singapore

Set A: two soft boiled eggs, kaya toast and a coffee or tea for $2.00 at the Kopitiam.

Soft boiled eggs is one of the breakfast favourites of Singaporeans.

You boil the egg so the white is no longer transparent but somewhat coagulated. The yolk however is still liquid and runny.

It is normally consumed with pepper and soy sauce.

Despite my reservations with eating raw egg, I gave this breakfast dish a shot today. At the local Kopitiam, it was Set A in the set of four $2.00 breakfast choices. The set came with two half boiled eggs, one slice of kaya toast and a coffee or tea.

I thought it was flavourful, with the soy sauce masking out the raw egg taste. However as I am writing this an hour later, I feel the raw egg biting at my stomach. I guess raw egg isn’t for everyone.

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