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Student Busker Band

Student busker band in Huahin

I saw these students at the Huahin night market and again here today at the “old huahin” display market.

I love how passionate they are about performing.

This group of students singing all over Huahin. In four days here I already recognize them. They must be pretty well known by the locals.

The girl has a pretty smooth voice and the boys are great on guitar. I think they are only high school at most.

When I took the picture, they were performing my favourite Thai song “Kid Mak”.

The song is my favourite because it woke me up every morning but the tune was so catchy and happy that I didn’t wake up annoyed at the song.

It is awesome seeing the group perform and they were really into it too.

I was going to ask if the group had a name but since my Thai is not that good, I saved it for another time when they might be less busy.

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