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Taking the heat

Lesson learned: the hotness of the chilli is proportional to the number of seeds.

I was excited to have my Ayam Bakar today, as I arrived a little late yesterday and it was sold out. In case you were wondering, Ayam Bakar is BBQ chicken, Indonesian style. It was a little disappointing to find out that the Ayam Bakar at Hougang1 isn’t quite as good as the store in the back corner of the Plaza Singapura food court.

Still, I looked at my slightly dry chicken and thought I would add some sauce to the rice and meat.

I knew I could withstand most chilli. And I probably could have done this round too, had I not heaped four huge scoops all over my chicken and rice.

I learned a valuable lesson today: if there are many chilli seeds in a sauce. It will be hot.

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