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To Move or Not to Move

At one of my chill spots in Bangkok where I can be sabai sabai while overlooking the bustling city.

When I first started travelling, I thought travelling was going to be my full time devotion.

Yet as I travelled, the title of this blog really sank in: I would be in a place, start to like it and feel I should be now here, and in this place. Then it would be time to uproot myself because of my visa and I would once again be nowhere.

Been spending some time with a Muay Thai gym in Bangkok and I really love it here.

The trainers and even fellow students are friendly and generous with their knowledge.

I spoke to one of the students briefly today and he said many of the students were just there to keep fit and find themselves.

All kinda in the same boat I am.

Yet I remember how beautiful Taiwan was two years ago. The people there too were nice, generous and helpful.

I wouldn’t mind a more remote spot in Taiwan. Even Gao Xiong, Taiwan’s second largest city, feels very relaxed, slow paced with the convenience of a subway system, airport and the high speed rail.

Bangkok is a big city with its convenience and traffic and everything you would love and hate in the big city. Yet the culture of sabai sabai helps to slow things down a little.

It’s a toss up between Bangkok and Taipei at the moment.

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