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Welcome to Pandora aka Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

Gardens by the Bay in Singapore with the Marina Bay Sands in the backdrop. It was opening night for the garden.

If  you put me to sleep and left me to wake up in this place, I could have believed I was on an alien planet.

Tall supertrees, glowing with light gave an outer worldly feel to the Gardens by the Bay which celebrated its grand opening tonight (June 29, 2012).

I had to constantly ask myself, “Am I on Pandora, or in an underwater world?”

As I walked between the structures, I had to constantly ask myself, “Am I on Pandora, or in an underwater world?”

Every few steps, you run into a photographer stalking the light as it traversed around the compound. Yours truly included. Or the many couples on opening night soaking up the magic while sitting under the trees.

Entering the place from the Marina Bay Sands resort, was equally spectacular as the entrance gave the feeling that you could be beamed up through a portal into Marina Bay Sands.

I heard about this place back in January 2012 when I visited the Marina Bay Gallery. The tour guide’s depiction of the Avatar like trees had me anxiously awaiting its opening.

From one of my favourite chillaxing spots in Singapore, which I found while trying to cross over to the Gardens before it opened, my eyes have been fixed on the supertrees for months.

They surely did not disappoint. The magnificent sight slowed my journey through the park to a crawl, as I admired the lighting from almost every possible angle.

The supertrees were not the only major attraction in the park. They also had conservatories and other botanical displays. There was also a restaurant offering food.

The only disappointment was that the restaurant was at ground level, thus knowing I would not be feasting on my dinner high above on the yet to be opened skywalk.

Jason Mraz performed in the opening party. To add to the atmosphere, people walking around the park outside the concert area started joining in and singing along when he sang I’m Yours.

In case you are wondering, these are not real trees, but a scaffolding upon which many smaller plants are built to give it the look of a super tree.

Ah Singapore, many days, you are boring having “done it all” in terms of tourist attractions. Yet on days like this, you show you still have that magical spark.

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