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Back at Terminal 21

Roast beef and rice, topped off with some vegetables. Only 25 baht.

Pier 21 at Terminal 21 is great value for the money if you are looking for food in Thailand. Even the MBK mall food court demands higher prices for its food compared to this newly opened mall with luxury stores.

This could fast become a food blog or even a Pier 21 advertorial.

Sieu mai. Relatively more expensive at 42 baht for six pieces.

My total damage for the siu mai, roast beef dinner and Thai iced tea: 95 baht.

Way less than the 400 baht Japanese dinner last night.

But here is a sneak peek if you want to check out the spicy tuna roll I had last night. Mmm, I miss sushi!

My spicy tuna roll from Fuji restaurant last night. 150 baht.

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