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Bangkok to Hua Hin by Train

A man passes a last minute item to a passenger on a train in Thailand.

As I tweeted on social media, there is something more romantic about travelling by train than by plane.

Maybe it is the movies where people have the last chance encounter with a loved one, chasing the train as it pulls out of the station.

Maybe it is the chance encounters on the train with a beautiful lady sitting beside you. (Not going to happen in my case. Surrounded by four kids and a bunch of guys.)

But this train ride is going to be hot. For two reasons.

First, this old train car has no air conditioning. I hope the train generates a breeze as it picks up speed.

Second, while the car ride is about two hours, this train ride is four hours and fifteen minutes.

Still, I signed up for the train rather than the van to enjoy the ride.

I was hoping to chat with people on board the train.

Too bad the answer was “mai” to my question “pood pa sa ang grid dai mai”.

That means the guy beside me doesn’t speak English although he is reading a book of love phrases in both Thai and English.

Pulling out of station. See you in Hua Hin.

*edit* yup the guy beside me is really trying to pick up a farang.

“You are the air that I breath.”

“You are my everything.”

That’s what is in his phrase book.

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