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Best Power Bar for Travel (110v, 220v)

This power bar has three universal sockets.

This power bar has three universal sockets.

Ever been to a hostel with only one power plug? Then you need a power bar and I have discovered the best one for travelling.

If you are a backpacker who needs to charge at least phone and a tablet, you would have a similar problem.

Would you choose to charge your phone overnight and let your tablet drain? Or would you prefer to use your tablet, neglecting your phone?

Or if you live in a dorm room, would you want to be “that guy” or “that girl” who uses more than their fair share of power outlets? Sometimes there are less outlets than there are beds in the room!

You might think you can bring a power bar from home, but you can’t. Your power bar needs to satisfy some requirements.

You don’t want to be the cause of a fire. Much less when the fire source is usually by your bed side.

The power bar that I needed had to fulfil a few requirements.

  • It had to be rated for both 110v and 220v
  • The sockets on the power bar needed to accommodate plugs from many countries.
  • The power bar had to be small enough and light enough to fit comfortably into my backpack.

This power bar fulfilled all the requirements.

It has to be rated for both 110v and 220v

Generally, European nations and their former colonies use a 220v system, while most of the other nations use the 110v system.

Newer devices these days allow you to charge your devices on both voltages but that’s assuming that you can plug them into the sockets.

The sockets are multi adapters

If you bought devices in many other countries, you will have plugs with more pin configurations than you care to think about.

The good news is that the three sockets that this power bar provides have the standard universal configurations.

It’s portable

Having a short power cord means it can easily wrap around itself and stow it’s own plug into it’s own socket. A short cord also means it’s light weight and at about three inches in diameter by eight inches in length, it easily fits into just about any backpack.

Which power bar you ask?



I present, the SIMRAN SM-60.

A great travel companion. Don’t take my word for it, but check out the high ratings on Amazon for this wonderful travel companion.

It’s rated 4.5 stars with over 200 ratings with three quarters rating it a perfect five.

It’s rated 4.5 stars with over 200 ratings with three quarters rating it a perfect five.

Besides the features I was looking for, it has a surge protector to make sure your devices stay safe, even in the older buildings without stable power.

I have taken this power bar to Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand so far and it has proven to be a very useful addition to my backpacking kit especially when I live in guest houses that usually offer only one power plug per room.

You can get this power bar here.

Hope this was helpful in your search for travel gadgets! Please share the post if you find it useful!


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