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Crazy In A Lao Hostel - Part 3

… continued from part 2

When Bei Tou Le was punched, he immediately took flight. Xiao Gu Niang also was scared and ran into the bathroom.

They said that Shen Jing Bing had brought some local Lao people up with him and speculated that either he, or his crew had taken the money.

Another Chinese guest would later tell me that one of the tactics used by Chinese thugs is to scare you with violence and send you running. They then have free reign over your personal belongings as you flee for your life.

Back at the hostel, Bei Tou Le was adamant that we call the cops and the Chinese embassy immediately. Pele decided to help out by calling the hostel manager who then said he would settle the issue in the morning.

Bei Tou Le insisted it couldn’t wait until the morning and he had to inform the cops immediately to report the theft.

I thought it was quite a sensible idea and used my phone to call the emergency number which Xiao Gu Niang provided.

Unfortunately, this was Laos – the phone rang and no one answered.

Bei Tou Le then pondered his step. He wanted to leave the hostel while Pele kept trying to convince him to stay until the morning to settle the issue with the hostel owner.

At first, Bei Tou Le was largely against the idea, fearing for his safety should Shen Jing Bing arrive at his door again. He slowly warmed to the idea as we suggested that they switch rooms without Shen Jing Bing knowing. Thus, he couldn’t possibly hammer upon every door at night trying to find them.

Pele then went downstairs to get the key.

When he arrived with the new key, he then informed the group that while we were upstairs trying to settle the problem, Shen Jing Bing had caused a ruckus in the room downstairs and some kind soul let him out of the room.

Pele assured them that Shen Jing Bing still had no clue as to their whereabouts. As Pele and I opened the door to leave Bei Tou Le and Xiao Gu Niang, who was standing out side but Shen Jing Bing.

Bei Tou Le suddenly insisted that we were all in this together.

Bei Tou Le suddenly insisted that we were all in this together.

He asked why we would set him up since Shen Jing Bing managed to find him so quickly. I reasoned that since we were the only ones up at one in the morning, and the only ones speaking Mandarin, it wasn’t difficult to find us sitting there.

Eventually, we escorted Shen Jing Bing downstairs. As I sat there trying to calm him down, he started claiming to be a kung fu master trying to perform various moves on me.

Fortunately, due to my experience with the “sticky hands” technique, I manage to redirect his attacks without aggressively blocking them. He went from trying to demonstrate a punch on me, to trying to grab at my balls, to trying to “pinch” my nerves.

I managed to redirect it all with sticky hands while trying to change the subject to something other than kung fu.

Eventually, I managed to calm him down and made my way to the bedroom. As I made my way to my room, as quickly as I could so he couldn’t find out which room was mine, I noticed he had begun to pour himself a drink using a glass cup.

I started wondering if I should even go out for a shower in case he suddenly snaps again, this time with glass cup in hand!

… to be continued …

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