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Crazy In A Lao Hostel: The Aftermath (4/4)

… continued from part 3

I told Xiao Gu Niang to send me a WeChat message if anything happened. However, I slept through the alert from the phone and missed the aftermath of the event the next day.

According to Pele, as soon as the owner came in, Shen Jing Bing had returned to his combative mood and wanted to fight.

Finally, in the morning, they managed to call the Lao police and they escorted Shen Jing Bing away from the hostel.

As soon as he was removed, Bei Tou Le and Xiao Gu Niang fled for their lives, phone and money forgotten.

Eventually, Shen Jing Bing had returned to the hostel and asked to stay there as a legitimate guest. The owner would have none of it. He ended up staying next door.

I left the next day and as far as I know, the hostel wasn’t bothered by Shen Jing Bing any further. Still, what a crazy few hours!

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