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Efficient Packing


This is quite a bit of efficient packing, to leave room for things like my winter clothes. The payload you see includes some snacks for my brother.

It’s quite a bit more of a hassle to pack for a “backpacking” trip during winter, than it is for summer. Thicker clothes mean more weight and less space for other things. I had to upsize from my Osprey 46L backpack to my old MEC 60L pack for this trip.

Thankfully, my footwear choices are limited. I only need shoes and don’t need to worry about slippers. At least I’m not heading to Hokkaido so winter boots aren’t necessary.

Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia were lots of fun, but I’m looking forward to exploring a new frontier: Japan!

I am looking forward to some cold weather. The temperature is between 1ºC and 10ºC. A year ago in Canada, I would say it’s the perfect temperature. Just two days ago, I was shivering a little on the HDB void deck. This is going to be an interesting trip.

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