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Help Nepali Earthquake Victims

Pray For Nepal

Pray For Nepal

As a backpacker, many of you might have been touched by the beauty of Nepal.

Its wonderful mountain ranges, making the trek to the Everest base camps (or maybe even up to the summit) and ancient cultural relics all etch a place in your heart and memories for a lifetime.

Now you can help to give back to Nepal, by answering their call for help in their darkest hour in 80 years.

The magnitude 7.9 earthquake that rocked the tiny nation in the mountains has left over 1,900 dead and countless more injured and homeless. Their cultural heritage which you preserve in your memories lay in rubble on the ground. Many sleep in the streets in fear of the many violent aftershocks from the earthquake.

Here are some of the ways you can help the country and the people who made your trip special.

Their situation was worsened by an influx of “disaster tourists”, who had travelled to Kathmandu from other areas to view the damage.
Al Jazeera

As I was told when I tried to look into volunteering for the Haiti earthquake, do not head to the site unless you are a professional relief worker and/or have medical or other immediately required skills.

You would be more of a hindrance than help.

This original post was about collecting some food and clothes for the victims but unfortunately the person involved decided it would not be convenient to bring it back to Nepal with him.

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