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I Got Pickpocketed!

Don't let his innocent look fool you. This little monkey picked my pocket. More accurately, he stole a bottle of drink from the side pocket of my bag. I felt a little tug and by the time I turned around, he was running away with the bottle. Quick little fella with really good hand eye co-ordination!

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“Don’t bring plastic bags to the Batu Caves,” I often tell people. “The monkeys will get you!”

This time, they got me instead. While I avoided bringing plastic bags to the caves, this little fella managed to grab a drink out of the side pocket of my bag, while I turned to talk to a friend.

Despite the fact I turned as soon as I felt the tug, he had his hands firmly on the bottle and was running away with the bottle.

I probably could have reached out and grabbed him, but I would rather deal with a human who picked something valuable out of my bag than a possibly rabid infested monkey who just stole some apple tea.

Daymn, I liked that tea too!

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