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I Would Walk 1000 Miles

In Canada, one pair of shoes lasts me several years. This year alone, I have gone through three pairs of sandals from the amount of walking I have done. This last pair was actually of pretty decent quality and it still broke.

Shoes and clothes are something I love wearing worn in. I usually hardly buy any because I love to wear them for years.

Back home, my shoes do last for years. I think my previous pair of shoes last four years before it broke.

In Asia, I had intelligently kept my running shoes “barely used” only using them as dress shoes or when going to the gym. My sandals however have been used daily. With the amount of walking I do. I have worn through three pairs!

The first pair was arguably cheap. At SGD 12, the roads ate through those “fake crocs” way faster than my CAD 6 fake crocks I purchased at WalMart. I guess that’s a plug for the quality of WalMart goods. Inexpensive, yet with some decent quality.

The second pair broke in Thailand. The asking price was for THB 400 but I manged to talk it down to THB 250. Still, they were most probably a ripoff. They seemed to be working fine until they touched salt water at the Huahin beach. Then they suddenly fell apart.

This last pair was of fairly good quality too. Yet I guess I put them under such heavy use they fall apart.

The search for a lasting pair of shoes continues.

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