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Kuala Lumpur: Shawarma

Delicious shawarma on Jalan Berangan in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Delicious shawarma on Jalan Berangan in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

As a journalist in Canada, I eat a lot of food on the go as I hardly have time to sit down and devour any form of culinary delights. As a result, much of my diet consisted of burritos and shawarmas. Out here in Asia, the shawarma was tolerable but not as magnificent as the shawarma I had come to love that was close to my home in Canada.

Fortunately, I have discovered a favourite alternative here on in the far East.

Kuala Lumpur happens to be home to one of my favourite shawarmas on this side of the planet.

The meat remains moist in this middle eastern chicken wrap and the slightly tangy taste of the sauce sits well with me. What makes this quite special is that they add French Fries to the shawarma for added texture.

That’s something you don’t come across too often.

At 5 RM per shawarma, it isn’t the cheapest food. I would at least go for the large size at 8 RM or eat two smalls for 10 RM – believe me, the first two times I ate this, I was left with a craving for a second.

Here are the directions to this shawarma:

  1. Take a short walk from Pavillion down Jalan Bukit Bintang. Walk on the right side of the road.

  2. When you reach Jalan Sultan Ismail, make a right. You’ll know when you reach this street as there’s the delicious pastry place TOUS les JOURS at the corner (you should try the pastries and breads here too).

  3. Cross Jalan Sultan Ismail. There should be a crossing just after Tour Des Jours.

  4. Make a right after crossing the street and you’ll soon see the Hong Leong Bank on your left. Turn down that alley.

  5. On your right, beside the archway, is this store with the delicous shawarma.

Though it isn’t a local Malaysian dish, this is one of the best shawarmas I have eaten lately.

Cheers! And let us know in the comments what you think of this shawarma!

Link to map

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