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Kuala Lumpur TBS Bus Station

Luxury Konsortium Coach from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore at only 42 RM.

I seem to travel back to Singapore from Kuala Lumpur on the weekends fairly often. And every time I make it to the TBS bus station, they happen to be sold out of regular bus tickets.

Terminal Bersepadu Station

  • Busses to the south
  • Can buy at ticket counter
  • Can buy via machine
  • Can buy tickets online

This time however, my weekday travelling plans paid off and I am on a rather luxurious bus for only 42 RM.

Now the previous busses that always seem to be available for 45 RM at the last minute despite being sold out at the main counter is pretty luxurious.

But this time around, I have the comfort of a powered adjustable seat and a huge amount of space in an 18 seater luxury coach.

Sure my somewhat more luxurious Sempakat bus last night for 2 RM more than the regular Transnasional seemed to be leaking from the roof in the storm.

But all things considered, who needs to fly around Malaysia when you have these great busses?

On a side note, sorry for not blogging for a while. Was busy with a sudden death in the family and the blog got sidetracked.

I do have some interesting material to share though!

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