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Malaysian Charbor - Joyce Chu

Malaysian Charbor by Joyce Chu

Malaysian Charbor by Joyce Chu

South Korea has done a tremendous job promoting their culture through K-Pop and K-Drama. This promotion leads to increased tourism among other things. Even companies like Samsung benefit when they use these K-Pop princesses to promote their products.

Unfortunately for other Asian ethnicities, a fair looking Asian girl with a picture perfect face is often mistaken for Korean, or one who has had plastic surgery.

I love this video where Joyce Chu sings about her Malaysian background and asking people to stop calling her Korean.

While Korea has its fair share of pretty girls, one cannot assume every pretty girl comes from Korea, or has has plastic surgery.

I have seen a few music videos lately involving South East Asians and their pride in their culture. I love it!

Which Asian country do you think hosts the prettiest girls?

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