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Mamak Meat Pie - Mutarbak


Murtabak ayam.

When hunger strikes at five in the morning in Kuala Lumpur, my options are mamak (Indian-Muslim) food or McDonalds. When budget, health and the urge for local food weigh on my mind, mamak food it is.

If I want something lighter, I would choose a Roti Cenai. Tonight, my stomach called for this lovely dish that can be loosely described as the Indian-Muslim meat pie – a murtabak.

A soft chewy skin wraps the meat filling which is minced and mixed with onion, some vegetables and other ingredients. The ingredients vary with each store.

If you are planning to order one, they come in chicken (ayam), beef (daging) and mutton (kembing) options.

Order a “murtabak ayam satu” for one chicken murtabak.

Don’t forget to order your teh tarik while you devour this meal.

Have you tried a murtabak? Please share your thoughts on this dish!

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