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Need to work on Google Docs but can't find the Internet?


Entering a blog post on Google Docs

Are you a road warrior like I am, often tethered to the Internet while trying to write documents on your tablet?

If you are an avid Google Docs (or Drive) user on Android, here is some great news!

Google Docs and Google Sheets are now standalone apps. While that in itself is not the most amazing news for users, what really helps is that they are now usable offline!

You can now create and edit Google Docs and Sheets on the move when you do not have an Internet connection.

As far as I know, you can only do this on the standalone versions of the app instead of through Google Drive. But I am not complaining.

This means you are able to park yourself at more cool places to draw inspiration for your work, instead of the same old haunts which provide you with WiFi.

Sadly, there is one small bug. I cannot type contractions like “isn’isn’t” on the new Docs standalone app. It comes out double or triple. It works fine in Google Keep though.

But aside from that, if you’re a writer or need to crunch numbers on the move, this is great news!

I for one am looking forward to typing up some document on the beach!

What do you think of these apps being separate from Google Drive? Does it contribute to fragmentation?

Please share your answer in the comments below
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