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- Ethelene looking out at the sunset. Ethelene, Jo and I spent an evening admiring the gorgeous sunset on Kata Beach in Phuket.

- This girl was posing in the water from before the sun even began to set. Some guys are gathered around her intrigued at her posing.

- Our super luxurious hotel, Avista, in Phuket.

- Ethelene getting ready for the evening out.

- No Money, No Honey. It can't be more true than in Phuket. This was at the beach area in Patong Beach.

- Ethelene and Joanna's reaction to seeing a gogo dancer in the window at the Moulin Rouge gogo bar.

- While searching for something to do, we ended up at the Rock City bar. Various cover bands came up and played through the night. They even took requests.

- It was the first time snorkeling for Joanna and I.

- A dinosaur themed restaurant we happened to visit.

- The incredibly busy James Bond Island. Not sure why we stopped on this island where there was nothing to do but walk around.

- The boats are anchored to the sand.

- Another snorkeler. Probably Ethelene.

- One of the traditional Thai boats in Phuket.

- The very delicious Pina Coloda that I had at the beach. It was actually ok for 200 baht. The Mai Thai wasn't all that good in comparison.

- People sit under a large canopy of umbrellas to stay out of the Phuket sun.

- This was a bar by the beach. I was intrigued by the architecture and I went into the water and shot the picture while half submerged.

- As Ethelene walked towards the beach, I captured a picture of her with this silhouette. This was the second shot as I walked towards her and she turned around.

- We happened to find this Dinosaur themed restaurant where even the waiters dressed like the Flintstones.

- Ethelene and Joanna driving the Flintstone foot mobile.

- As Joanna and Ethelene stood at the beach watching the sunset on Kata Beach, I caught this picture of them.

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