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Roppongi - Japan

I had always though of Japan as a pristine place where politeness, order and honour take first place. While that is true of Japan, Roppongi is the almost opposite of that.

I saw a bouncer being bounced.

A group of about seven guys came and almost grabbed at the bouncer. One of the guys tried to “defend” the bouncer. Eventually, they all picked up the bouncer and tossed him.

The bouncer, just smiled and bowed to them. What is he going to do against seven pretty hefty guys? Then the guys started peeing in cups and tossing their refuse at the wall. The bouncer could only stand there and watch.

After they were done, they grabbed him and pulled him along for the ride, almost dragging him down the street.

That was quite a wild side of Japan I never thought I would see!

As we were searching for various bars, we came across an ex-pat bar called Geronimos. While I love to party with the locals in every country I go to, it was also nice to hang out with fellow travellers and sharing stories from all other sides of the world.

While I don’t dislike Tokyo, the small town personality in me leads me to prefer Kyoto, Osaka and Hiroshima. Nara was nice, but it was a little too quiet.

I thought I would be live blogging but the 3G service for foreigners in Japan is quite expensive, so other pictures and stories will have to come later!

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