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Shawarma in Singapore

Shawarma at Urban Bites. It wasn't all that bad a shawarma but it didn't compare to the Osmows shawarma that I was accustomed to eating in Canada

After descending from the Marina Bay Sands observation deck, we proceeded to find food.

A Lebanese person I had met recommend Urban Bites just at the corner of Telok Ayer and Boon Tat street near Lau Pa Sat.

Jeremy and I had previously headed on a burrito hunt only to find out that the recommended burrito place priced their burritos at SGD 25 each. We didn’t think that the price could justify beating our beloved Burrito Boys steak burrito back home.

So this time for our shawarma hunt, we were delighted to find that it only cost SGD 7 each.

The price was on par with Osmows back home where the shawarmas are CAD 5 each.

Unfortunately, the shawarmas tasted “more bread than anything” according to Jeremy.

I agreed. The chicken didn’t really have the same flavour and juciness the Osmows shawarma possessed.

Random strings of French fries did not add much to the flavour.

Osmows shawarmas also were slightly bigger and packed with meat. These pieces of chicken didn’t even look like they came from the rotisserie.

In all, it wasn’t so bad but did not compare to Osmows. Which is my standard for shawarmas.

If anything, it didn’t even compare in flavour to other shawarma places I frequent in Canada.

So one in the L column for shawarmas in Singapore.

If you can recommend any other shawarma places in Singapore, I would love to check it out!

Maybe I can compare Urban Bites to other Singapore shawarma places.

Portion: 3/5
Flavour: 2/5
Value: 3/5

Atmosphere: 3/5
Staff: 4/5

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