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Singapore Airshow 2012

US Navy's P-3 Orion.

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This weekend, Changi Airport was host to the Singapore Airshow 2012. This show brought people from the industry to sell their planes and services to the South East Asian Market.

I have always been fascinated by military technology, especially with warships and fighter planes. I’m a frequent reader of military technology blogs. When I saw the advertisement for this show last year, I made sure I would be in Singapore for the air show.

The public had the opportunity to climb into two Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) F-15SGs and two F-16Cs. Furthermore, guests were allowed into the Army’s AH-64D. The US Navy also allowed people on board their P-3 Orion. On display only, and not for boarding, was the Seahawk, F-35 Lightning II and a MiG-29 Fulcrum. It was a mildly orgasmic experience for me to be walking among the aircraft.

The flight demonstration itself was rather lame unfortunately.

I expected the grand finale at the 15:00h show. Alas, only the F-15SG and F-16C showed up. Moreover, while I expected a demonstration of flying skill, this was more of a demonstration of the plane’s abilities. There were some skill maneuvers, like flying close while inverted, but others like “see how powerful this jet is, it can go into a quick vertical climb!” just wasn’t that impressive.

You have to give some credit to the pilot of the F-15SG as Singapore only had the plane for two years. I hope the RSAF puts together a show worthy flight demonstration team in the near future.

I also saw one of the best examples of supply and demand at the air show. Drinks were going for $3.00 each or $4.00 for two when I got there at noon. By 17:00h, drinks were $1.00 each.


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