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Singapore ClubFITT - Travelling Fit

I was searching long and hard for a gym to work out in while travelling. There had to be relatively cheap gyms that wouldn’t blow my travel budget somewhere in this rather expensive city state.

A friend, Keith, had alerted me to the possibility of cheap community centre gyms. My cousin and a couple of people selling fitness machines on the other hand, said that there was no way you could work out for less than $10 per drop in session. More like $100 per month for membership.

Fortunately, while trolling on some online forums, I managed to discover ClubFITT.

ClubFITT is the line of community centre gyms found in sports halls sponsored by the Singapore Sports Council.

For only SGD$2.50 per entry, it’s quite an affordable price.

For only SGD$2.50 per entry, it’s quite an affordable price. I wasn’t about to work out more than twice a week in a gym anyway.

Now you get what you pay for, at least at the Hougang location. The max weight for dumbbells was only 20kg each.

There weren’t too many machines around but they had the basics. I couldn’t find a hamstring curl machine though.

What they did have ample supply of were the cardio machines.

And do bring a towel. You are required to have one.

Then again, if you are short on towels, they sell you one for SGD$1.00 that is as good as any you can get at Daiso for twice the price.

I had a great workout but I always forget to take it easy. First time in almost a year with 0 sleep and 0 food and I felt like passing out.

Thank goodness there was a bubble tea store right around the corner to pump up my blood sugar levels.

Now to find a way to cope with the food budget that invariably increases by about 300% whenever I start working out.

If you’re travelling to Singapore and fitness is of importance to you, try ClubFITT.

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