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Singapore: crossing light for the elderly

Tap your senior citizen card for longer crossing light. Great idea!

I had only been away for three weeks, but when I returned, there was a new feature added to the traffic light where I normally cross the street to get food.

Green Man +

  • Adds between 3 and 12 seconds to crossing time

The traffic light now sported an RFID reader.

This reader allows senior citizens to tap their senior card, allowing for longer crossing times.

I could see seniors sometimes fumbling around looking for their cards like they do when they try to tap out of the bus, but this is an awesome idea overall!

Singapore never ceases to amaze me its innovation.

While I saw this device in October 2012, I discovered this was a 2011 initiative upon further research.

In 2011, LTA announced that the Green Man + scheme will be extended to about 500 pedestrian crossings. 235 pedestrian crossings will be installed by Q1 of 2013, while the remainder will be completed by 2014.
~ AsiaOne

I have never seen a senior once tap their card. Do you or an elderly relative use this feature? How helpful is it?

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