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SnappyFit Fashion Launch - Singapore

SnappyFit launch "Secret Party" at My Art Space in Singapore.

Sin Ning, whom I had met at another Fashion launch party in Singapore, recently launched her service SnappyFit.

Her “Secret Party” was hosted at Art Space in Singapore, the mostly glass building with big windows in the middle of the Istana Park.

“It’s an absolutely gorgeous venue,” said Sin Ning when asked why she chose the venue. “Trekking through the lush green would add to the whole feeling of ‘finding’ a secret location.”

Indeed, the art inside the venue formed a great backdrop for the various vendors who came to display their goods as it  gave the impression of shopping at a classy upscale event.

The vendors, some of them independent fashion accessory designers, were a pleasure converse with. I made my rounds, a glass of white wine in hand, being inspired with their stories of how they moved their business from concept to reality.

I was especially intrigued by an El-Ska shoe with a vertebrae as a heel and Foreward’s custom hand made jewelry which uses nuts and bolts where you would expect women’s jewelry to be made of beads and gems.

It’s like private shopping but without have to pay private shopping price.

Sin Ning’s concierge service is a one of a kind service, allowing you to try clothes from online web stores before you buy.

Her online retail partners lists clothes on SnappyFit that they think their customers would like to try before they buy.

“You can see the dozens and dozens of gripes women have with not being able to try on clothes online – worldwide,” said Sin Ning. “Because we like things fitting – especially pants and skirts – and every gal’s proportions are different.”

You would browse those listings and select the clothes you would like to try. Then book an appointment online with SnappyFit and you would have a personalized clothing rack with clothes from different brands you had chosen waiting for you to sample when you arrive at their physical location in the Singapore Shopping Centre.

If the sample clothes are to your satisfaction, you would make the purchase and new versions of those clothes would be shipped to your house.

“Customers can pay at the fitting room by cash, credit card or nets, and the brand-new piece will be shipped directly from the online retailer in the online retailer’s pretty packaging,” said Sin Ning.

As an added value SnappyFit also helps with alteration outsourcing for their customers.

“We serve coffee and tea,” adds Sin Ning. “It’s like private shopping but without have to pay private shopping price.”

She currently has 10 retail partners with listings to choose from.

Visit SnappyFit!

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