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Taking on the Ant Colonies


Creepy ants coming from the wall.

Oh darn that cute looking baby gecko that runs around my room.

Recently, I arrived home to discover streams of ants flowing around my apartment in Bangkok.

Now I am always really careful not to leave food lying around that would be a beacon for our six legged friends. I assume that the little gecko I occasionally spot running around my room dropped his tail or excrement somewhere in a hidden corner which the ants decided to treat as a buffet.

I decided to tackle the ant problem for a second time.

Previously, I purchased poisonous and bait – the kind that the ants then brought back home to present to their Queen.

Alas, the bait was bigger than the ants could chew. They muscled the bait back to the hole in the wall from which they came but the bait would not fit in the opening.

A friend then suggested a noble solution – dissolve the bait in water and hope the poisoned ant would die in its nest. His cannibalistic brethren would then devour the poisoned ant and thus be poisoned themselves!

Logically, this sounded like a great idea. One that I decided to implement this time around.

I poured the bait in the trap as always, then added a little grape juice to sweeten the pot and dissolve the poison.

To my dismay, this plan also failed.

Many ants died simply drinking the water and never made it back to their nest. Their carcasses that littered the floor wasn’t the site of their next community buffet. Their brethren actually weren’t cannibalistic!

So here we arrive at my current ant problem.

How can I get rid of these ants?

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