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Taxi in Malaysia

I had to find Canon Malaysia’s hidden headquarters in the middle of some resort.

As per instructions from the person who answered my phone call, I took the LRT from Chinatown in Kuala Lumpur where I was staying, until the end of the Kelana Jaya line. From there, the cab ride was between RM 10 and RM 15.

Avoid the blue taxis with the RM6 flag down charge. Red and white/blue/red taxi, RM 3 pickup.

Also make sure they are metered.

The description was spot on, as it cost me RM 13 to get there.

On the way back, I flagged the first taxi I saw as it was a rather remote places.

I noticed that the pick up fare was RM 6 instead of RM 3. I though I would ignore it as maybe the higher fare was because I was in a resort.

As we were travelling, I suddenly tapped the driver on the shoulder and asked “er, uncle, why does your meter go up so much faster than the other taxi?”

I noted that we had already passed RM 13 and that was what it cost me to get there. Furthermore, I had noticed the meter jump by RM 0.20 every three seconds or so.
It was then that he informed me his was a hotel taxi.

“It is not a taxi but a limousine,” he added.

Limousine was a stretch as it was not luxurious at all. It just happened to be more well kept than your average taxi.

In fact, the taxi I took to the service center was kept just as well. Much of it due to the fact it was a female driver I am sure.

So I learned the hard way not to ride the blue taxis.

The damage for going to the train station: RM 20.

That is why I always prefer public transit. It is always the bus or train for me if I can help it.

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